It’s So Nice

I’m feeling a bit encouraged in my job at the moment. I’ve had two hugely effective compliments in the last week and it really is so nicely encouraging. 🙂

This morning, when I answered the phone in my usual manner, I was greeted by: “That sounded so nice! Will you come and work for me?” It was an unknown doctor from another town on the phone. 🙂

Last week, I had one of our regular patients say, “Oh, you’re back!” and ask about my shifts. I think she thought I might have left and she proceeded to tell me that she “missed my smiling face” when she’d come in a few days earlier.

Another patient also told me that she doesn’t like talking on the phone because she finds it very hard to understand people (due to her hearing) but that I’m okay because I’m easy to hear and understand. Um, yeah, she should pass that on to my family! 🙂 And when I had my trainee, there was more than one person that asked Shoun to pass them onto me or asked if I was still around.

Particularly the first two things meant a lot to me because I know I’m not a sanguine. I’m used to my job, having been here for a few years, but in everyday life I’m not the bravest when it comes to meeting new people. I care about people and I try to come across friendly and I do my best to help people as much as I can. However, as I said to Steve, I often wonder just how I do come across to people in general! It’s so encouraging to know that working with what you’ve got is actually enough! I don’t have to be outgoing and a natural at meeting new people–I just have to be me doing my best to reflect Christ-like qualities…and isn’t that just sooooo relieving? 🙂


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