Following Orders

Oh, and you need to BLOG! I want a real, up to date “this is my life” blog…those short little memos don’t count….I am sorry Steve has rendered your life so boring!!!! 🙂

So says my bossy little sister! 🙂 I kind of figure people get a bit bored by a blow-by-blow account of my life or “Steve & Kristy” weekends. However, I live in mortal fear of my sister and so I figure I better blog some kind of update. So bear with me while I try to dredge something up. 🙂

Well, I can say that God was gracious to me with Steve and my last few visits. While a week apart is nothing and two weeks is pretty easy, I find that three weeks in between visits gets to be a bit of a slog. (So I’m a wuss…sue me. 🙂 I have previously done heavy-duty long distance so maybe it’s just that you get ‘over’ it…and I seem to get plenty of distance in friend and family relationships!) Anyway, our last visit was meant to be a mere day-and-a-half…all busy…and I was really discouraged about that being our only face-to-face contact for six weeks. I was trying to focus on being thankful but it was really hard work. God must have known and agreed because, as I mentioned here, Steve was able to come from the Wednesday to the Sunday and it was like a mini-vacation! It was such a fantastic blessing that I’ve ridden on that all the way through and the last three weeks haven’t been too bad at all. 🙂 I did have busy weekends which always helps!

One of the things on that busy weekend of Steve’s last visit was a bit of a sad one. My nan died a couple of years ago and left me her beautiful piano. As we have a piano in our home, I decided to leave it at her house for the time being rather than take it and leave a big ‘hole’ there as a daily reminder to her husband. A few months ago, her husband (who we called Uncle John) died as well. So, unfortunately, while Steve was here, all the extended family had to be at their house removing any or all furniture etc. I had only been to the house once or twice since she died and both times had always made me feel teary and I would have to sneak off by myself till I felt in control again. This time, we were cleaning out the house to be (presumably) sold. The house was left to Uncle John’s brother and so we have no control there. To walk into her house, filled with lots of childhood memories, and know that we were essentially ‘gutting’ it to be sold and it was the last time we would be there was a bit too much for me and I just broke down and cried. Steve is great though; he already knows that the appropriate response to Kristy crying is Steve hugging. 🙂 So that was fairly emotional but we got it all done ok. At our home, you can now find two upright pianos and one electric keyboard. The keyboard is on a permanent kind of loan and one of the upright pianos will leave with me–whichever decade that might be. 😛

One of the previous few weekends, I went away again with these ladies. I had planned to blog that, including photos, and this demand from Narelle has reminded me. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a digital camera (coming soon) so I don’t possess any of the seemingly myriads of photos that were taken and it will have to wait a bit longer.

Another thing that has happened is that my dad went to Africa! He got a work contract for a job with Rio Tinto in Guinea, West Africa. He left two weeks ago tomorrow and gets back tonight. It will be interesting to hear what tales he has to tell. On the way, he had to fly via Singapore, London and Paris!! He spent a day in London and has some photos. I think Singapore and Paris were only airport stops. I do have some pictures from Africa that he has e-mailed so keep a lookout for those (yes, Narelle, I know you’ve already seen them…). It was a tempting thought to wish I could go, too, but since he came down sick (parasites)…maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t! 😉

Well, I will try and post a bit more random everyday-ness for you who live vicariously through my pitiful tales. 😀 As for you who have lives of your own, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to suffer through these too. 😦 From tomorrow, I have nine days off work and am sooooo looking forward to it. I should be able to manage some photos and if I don’t tell you now what I will be doing, that will give me something to try and post if I get a snatch of time…


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