Popping The Question

I’m sorry it has taken me ‘soooo’ long (hey, we’ve only been engaged for a week!) to post these photos but it has been soooo busy and, at times, I’ve just had enough of working on my computer. Anyway, here they are now…

Steve had already asked me to go out for dinner before he went away so, proposal or no, we were heading out for dinner that night. After gasping over the meal costs at our new and untried restaurant, we decided to go have coffee and dessert somewhere else afterwards. We went for a walk and, ending up back at the car, I commented that it would be cool if there was a cafe or something that opened onto the river but I couldn’t think of any. We were in the city and the river running through the centre of Adelaide is all lit up at night and really pretty. I had mentioned this to Steve before so he jumped on the idea and suggested that, at the least, we could go for a walk along there.

Finding a park close to the river, he grabbed his camera and we headed off on our little stroll. We found a park bench near the colour-changing fountain and he handed me his camera to show me the pictures from his camping trip (the eclipse, wildflowers, scenery, etc). Scrolling through them, at the point of reaching wildflowers, he was perched on the edge of his seat. As I scrolled to the next picture, I was faced with this…

…and he was then down on his knee/s in front of me. 🙂 I just looked at him and he told me to keep going…

I eventually said yes. 🙂 Don’t feel too sorry for the guy. He pretty much knew in advance what I would say as we’d had a fairly ‘intense’ conversation the week before on the way back up from the South-East. Anyways, it took me a while because I’m one of those people that, in big decisions, basically know what they’re going to do/say but appear indecisive until they have to declare their position. That big step is always a freeze point for me. 🙂

After sitting and talking and basking in that “ohmygosh” feeling and deciding we should get married that coming Saturday, we went and called his parents before his early-bird Dad headed to bed. Although they were expecting this outcome sometime, it was a total surprise to them at that point. My parents on the other hand, apart from having Steve ask them first, had expected it that day! So we headed home to get mobbed by them and call my sister in Texas and everybody was oh-so-excited. And that was the beginning of the rollercoaster ride that has been the last week. Is it only a week? It truly seems like a month of days has been packed into it!

Btw, we never did get our coffee… 🙂


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