The Last Few Days

I drove down the South-East on Wednesday and, in spite of my slackness in leaving, beat Steve getting home from work (he got bogged).

We had house church that night, though instead of a Bible study, we packed Operation Christmas Child boxes into large boxes to be taken to Adelaide. There were so many boxes! It was actually quite fun and there were quite a few of us so we got a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

Thursday, I got my first ever (real) ride in the truck!! Steve had four loads of cows and calves to transport into the saleyards and I was there for 3 1/2 of those. During the missing half, I was having lunch out with his parents as it was Anita’s birthday, then they dropped me back out to the farm that Steve was working for. I had said to Steve the night before that hopefully he had getting bogged out of his system. Guess what? We got bogged on our way INTO the first property we carted from. 🙂 It didn’t matter. We had to wait a little while and then a tractor came and pulled us out. The tractor made it look like such an easy job. 🙂

Friday morning, we just went and looked at some house stuff before heading to the saleyards for a store sale. A “store sale”, I am told, is where you buy/sell cattle to be fattened up before it gets resold to the meat man etc. Basically. And I hope I got that all right!!! Peter bought 40-odd steers and they got quite a few loads back out of the saleyards so Peter pretty much worked all night. “The things we do to accommodate young love” is the phrase of the year around the W***** house. 🙂

Mid-afternoon, we had to pick up my bridesmaid (Hannah) who had caught the bus down from Adelaide so she could be at our engagement party. I had a humourous moment of ?revelation when I had to send Hannah a text message about why we were late. “Just to let you know you’re not forgotten. We’re at the saleyards loading cattle. Hopefully not too far away. See you asap.” Um, hello? Welcome to the world of being Kristy W*****!!! 🙂

More to come…


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