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The day after we got engaged, we headed into the city to go ring shopping. We were sitting in Starbucks in Rundle Mall when this guy walked up to our table. Lo and behold, it was our friend Josh. He had just got into town on the bus and was overnighting in Adelaide before heading back to his place. So randomly, he happened to see us and came to say hi and congratulations in person! We invited him to have a coffee with us. Hearing he had a few free hours, we agreed to part ways for a while so Steve and I could go back and order my ring, then meet again for dinner. We did that and had the best time with him before heading off to go hear/see Brooke Fraser. This picture was taken by a guy at the table next to us who, after seeing Josh take our picture, offered to get one of the three of us!

This was taken at a lookout that I didn’t know existed and Steve discovered on his seeking-God-about-Kristy camping trip. 🙂 There was a big chunk/slab of rock that we perched the camera on to do this self portrait. It was a really cool lookout and I happen to like the photo too!

And this is from the first pictures taken after we were engaged. We had just come home and told my family. 🙂


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