Nothing Much

I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged this week…I just haven’t had anything to say–unbelievable, I know. πŸ™‚ Even now, I’m just talking for the sake of giving you something to read!

So let me see, what randomness can I come up with?

I’ve had two dress fittings in the last week. I bought my dress off-the-rack but wanted some changes made to it so it feels like “me”. My dressmaker is very agreeable to work with. It probably helps that we go to church with her and she knew me back when I was in first or second grade. Although, working with people you know can sometimes make things worse…but not in this case.

I went up to Angaston on Saturday for a bridal fair…that was on Sunday. Yep, got the day wrong. Oh well, it was a nice day for a drive and my bridesmaid (Hannah) was able to come when we went back on Sunday. She, being the dedicated friend that she is, wasn’t able to come on Saturday because it was the AFL grand final and apparently Australia stops for that. Who knew? πŸ™‚ (AFL is interrupting my life, btw. Another [different] long-time friend was “unable” to come to my engagement party because Port was playing their semi-final… I don’t s’pose there’s any need to tell you that she is above fanatical about Port Power? And there’s probably no need to tell you that I have 0% interest in football–though I hugely congratulate Geelong for making absolute mince-meat out of Port!)

Steve went to Ceduna in the truck last week and was coming back through Adelaide early one morning. I dragged my sorry little self out of bed so that I could go meet him for breakfast. That was a bit fun…well, seeing him–not so much the lack of sleep. πŸ˜‰

He also had to come to Two Wells yesterday with a load of sheep so he left the truck at his brother-in-law’s workshop and I picked him up from their house. He stayed overnight so that (other than seeing me) we could meet with a photographer early this morning. The lucky guy gets to drive back home today and then come back up to Adelaide tomorrow afternoon!! At least for the fuel on one of those trips, he’s “earning while he’s burning”.

We have a hugely busy weekend this week. We have another meeting with another photographer; people for dinner; a wedding/reception (Hannah’s brother–same church as we will be getting married in); two ‘doses’ of pre-marriage counselling and church. I think we have Saturday morning free if we want to check out anything else! πŸ™‚ And I really want to go see Bourne Ultimatum before it finishes… 😦


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