A Nice Surprise

Today is my second-to-last day at work. I have a semi-trainee (Candy) tailing me until I leave. (“Semi” because she is already trained and I already know her from another one of our surgeries but she needs to be trained in some areas our surgery is unique in.) I knew that my manager is supposed to be coming in tomorrow with some “goodies” since I’m leaving (although I won’t believe it till it happens…) but otherwise, I wasn’t expecting anything exciting. Or anything really.

Till Linda turned up today at lunch bearing plates of food and a present!

Linda is my co-worker at this surgery. She was soon followed by Chris (Candy’s mum and former co-worker from my previous surgery) bearing more food and Sandy (also former co-worker)!

They had brought lunch for us all to share and a goodbye card and present for me. It was so nice!! So totally unexpected and it made me feel a bit special. 🙂


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