It Was Always For Steve

This song is on my myspace page. A special friend of mine noticed it and sent me a message today about liking it so I went to have another listen. It always makes me cry. It has a story for me and a lot of memories. It used to feel a little strange having the negative undercurrent when it was for a person who was very much present in my life. Listening to the words now, it’s almost like a sign of what was coming… It’s very much true, though: “without you, it’s hard to survive”. I love you, Stevie W—–.

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  1. Robyn
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 06:43:19

    That is very much a “cry” song…but beautiful. I’m praying for you. BTW I thought your neighbour was definitely the sweetest of the farmers, and the wedding was gorgeous! I remember seeing a little bit of the finale and that farmer had stuck in my mind because he lived near Tamworth (close to my family and some of my old stomping grounds). They had such a cute story. I wondered how you were going if you were watching it too and prayed for you. I guess lots of good stuff for you is bittersweet now.


  2. Chel
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 10:32:39

    that is an amazing song! the voice, lyrics, and tune are incredible.thanks for sharing, Kristy 🙂much love and prayer,Chel


  3. Ashlea
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 16:59:48

    I love this song. I always have. I have someone where every time i hear that song i think of them, but, i no this isn’t the same, but it still might hurt me, but i might lose that person soon. It is going to be so sad.I always listen to this song and cry, it is such a special song to so many people.Love me


  4. Celine
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 18:38:15

    I love this song as well!Take care Kristy, I’m still around and reading you! 🙂


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