Financial Help For Widows

I just found out today that even the government agrees that it can take a long time for widows to get back on their feet and that work may be too hard to cope with. Unfortunately, I found out too late for it to be of any support to me. Thankfully, I have been ok but I’m sure there are many others struggling similarly emotionally but without the financial backing. So I’m going to blog this and if you ever come across anybody else newly widowed (Australian), tell them to get themselves into Centrelink ASAP!

Centrelink offers a Bereavement Allowance that can provide you with a payment for up to FOURTEEN WEEKS (!!!) after the death of your spouse. If you contact them within the first four weeks, you are likely to get back-paid as well. If you contact them after that time, you MAY qualify for a payment if you haven’t passed the 14 week mark yet. Receiving this allowance looks to depend only on your current financial state (ask regardless–you never know) and that you have no dependents. (If you have dependents, there are other possible options–ask.)

So, please, remember this information and make any relevant person who crosses your path aware of it. I didn’t know and I just passed the 14 week mark this last weekend. Personally, I think that funeral directors should refer the person to Centrelink and make them aware of the possibility. How else is a person who never planned to be widowed supposed to know this support is available?!?!


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  1. Anonymous
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 13:19:39

    We prayed for you at our Sunday Family gathering. Bunch of families get together and we say our prayer intentions and I talked a little about you, cuz I wanted people to pray for you.God bless,Patricia (from Canada)


  2. nicole
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 18:21:47

    You are so right! How is it that no one informed you?It is often like that…It is the same with my handicapped daughter. Some things I discovered just too late, or when they just changed the law…Pfffff!Bon courage!


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