Movie: Twin Rivers

Some people will remember that I blogged the premiere of the Australian movie “Twin Rivers” back on my old blog last year. Matthew, the producer, is the cousin of the only friend I have that’s known me my entire life. So I knew Matt when he was a lot younger.

It was a lucky thing I liked his movie and blogged a good review because it never occurred to me that he might read what I’d written. We bumped into each other at his cousin’s wedding in December and he shocked the socks off me by thanking me for my “kind words”! lol

Anyway, this won’t help anybody outside of South Australia but if you’re wanting to see this movie, here’s your chance…

There will be a screening of ‘Twin Rivers’ on July 26th at the Blackwood High School Drama Centre, a 300+ seat theatre.

This will be great opportunity for anyone who has not seen the film, or has not seen it on a big screen. The more people attending, the better the atmosphere and the more we raise for those in need! Who knows when we’ll be able to show ‘Twin Rivers’ in a theatre again….. help us spread the word!

Tickets are available at the door:
$15 per person
$10 student/concession
$30 max for a family of 4

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE EVENING are going to the ‘Care For The Least’ children’s orphange in Yangon Myanmar, Burma*.

Screening commences 7:30pm, be there earlier to get a good seat!

Drinks, chips, sweets & chocolate available at venue, a family movie will be showing in another room for small kids.

Twin Rivers DVDs will be available after the screening.

Blackwood High School Performing Arts Centre,
Shepherds Hill Road/Seymour Street,
Eden Hills

Enquires: David Smythe 8278 4508 or Bev Russell 0431705963

Matthew Holmes
Two Tone Pictures

*All proceeds going to the Children’s home, whose kids exist on virtually one meal a day. Funds help with food, education expenses and an ongoing commitment to helping in as many practical ways as possible. Such as purchasing recently, a tractor so they are able to grow their own rice, providing funds for a new dormitory for 120 children, & other projects as need arises.

“A wonderful, involving and evocative Australian story, a richly detailed and emotional combination of the coming of age and voyage of discovery of their relationship by two brothers, during an epic journey on foot. Matthew Holmes, also writer-director, and his real-life brother Darren give energy and involving emotion as the two brothers as the people, places and situations they meet change their view of each other and dreams of the future. It’s a beautiful and handsome production, which captures atmosphere and characters in a period where small Australian communities were on the cusp of irreversible change . Matthew Holmes has a sharp eye for the unique beauty of the area and its time while developing mood, emotion and nostalgia.”
STAN JAMES The Advertiser


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Celine
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 17:53:29

    Sounds like a great movie Kristy!


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