Josephine asked me if I could post wedding pictures. I was really touched that people still care to see them! I will, although it might take me a while between my internet and home phone issues and the fact that I don’t have the disk with me at the moment. However, they will come for all of you who so desire. πŸ™‚

I got a new laptop. Yay! It’s so nice to have battery life and instant response to the tasks you ask of the machine!! I’m still trying to learn my way around Vista. There are some undoubtedly cool features about it but there’s a lot that’s new and quite different. I haven’t transferred my e-mails over from my old computer yet which is why I’m particularly sluggish on getting back to people. So if that’s you, you know why!

It occurred to me last night that many people probably don’t know that Steve and I didn’t attend the same church as his parents so I just thought I’d mention it. Steve went to this particular small church for most of his life and, sometime in his 20s, started going to the youth group at another church since there weren’t many (any?) young people at his church. Some years before I came on the scene, he transferred his membership to our current church and had been there ever since. His parents remain going to the church that the family grew up in. We had been to church with them once and vice versa and we know a lot of the same people but, yep, we belong to different churches. πŸ™‚

I have found the house I really want to buy! Actually, I found it quite a while ago but since I have to wait for things to settle with the estate, I haven’t been able to do anything about it. However, I know it’s still available and, although I’ve kept looking, I haven’t found anything else that’s as suitable for me and my needs as this one. It’s all a waiting game…

On the house, “Laura :)” asked quite some time ago if I still want a roommate. To tell you the truth, I don’t know. There isn’t anybody suitable I know that is available and I wouldn’t plan to get a random stranger or somebody that I didn’t already think I could live with! If I could get my bridesmaid to get her next posting in our town, I’d still take her but she’s not planning on it so neither am I. πŸ™‚


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  1. Joy King
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 16:21:00

    Hey Kristy–congrats on the new lap top. I got a new one a couple months ago so I can relate to having a machine that is actually functional! Good luck with Vista–I personally don’t care for it, and am finding a LOT of people don’t. So, one tip from someone whose been there–if you find you’re having trouble with applications (like my word processing program would shut down every time I tried to copy and paste something into a document)–you can set a lot of them to be compatible with XP and that seems to fix the problem (just left click on the icon and go to properties). Hopefully you won’t have as much trouble as I did, but if you encounter the same bumps and bugs most people are that seemed to work for me. πŸ™‚


  2. tootie
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 22:23:00

    Glad to hear you like your new laptop! I’m going to buy one soon, and I’m glad to hear that Vista is ok. (I was a little worried about making the switch.)And that’s exciting about the potential new house! I’ll say a prayer that it all works out.


  3. Laura :)
    Aug 30, 2008 @ 10:31:00

    I, too, would love to see wedding pics!!I will be praying about the house. The fact that it is still available is a good sign. Maybe it’s the one the Lord has for you. Thanks for mentioning about the roommate situation. I was wondering but didn’t want to ask. I figured God would take care of you. Looks like He is!! Thank you for updating us here across the pond. It helps to know how to pray for you.Laura πŸ™‚


  4. Robyn
    Aug 31, 2008 @ 15:49:00

    Good luck with the house! And with Vista. I hated it when we changed over but now its good πŸ™‚I’d love to see your wedding photos too.


  5. Anonymous
    Aug 31, 2008 @ 20:48:00

    Good for you, getting your new lap top…I’m still just dreaming of one!I would love to see more wedding photos!Still thinking about you, and checking your blog daily.Keep strong.Celeste


  6. Anonymous
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 12:56:00

    I take the hint πŸ™‚Hannah


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