Interstate Jaunt – Part Four: Moss Vale People

At my last update, we’d just hopped the train for our next destination which was to be Moss Vale, NSW. It was the first time I’d done a ‘long’ train trip. I used to catch the train into the city all the time when I lived in Adelaide and worked in the city but I’ve never caught a train city-to-city. It was pretty good, though. As for the destination, there is a bit of explanation behind why we went here…

Firstly, I received a flyer in the mail from some friends advertising a women’s conference at Capernwray Bible School. Steve went to Capernwray back some years ago and, funnily enough, I had looked at attending there but never did it. He had been back a few times since for their summer schools so I guess it was always in the back of my mind that we would end up there again one coming summer. So I was quite interested when I got the flyer.

Secondly, some very special friends of Steve’s with Capernwray connections have corresponded with me multiple times this year. We should have met as they were invited to our wedding but, due to sickness, they were unable to make the trip over to SA. They did, however, make it for Steve’s funeral and I very much wanted to meet them. Unfortunately, again, we didn’t get to meet. They were prevented getting to me by the unknowing though well-meaning funeral director and I thought they didn’t make it. By the time I realised they had been there and contacted them, they were about 300kms away. 😦

So it seemed like a great mix of things in one place and not too far from Canberra!

All I can say is that I would do the entire trip again just to spend the time with them. We had an amazing time together with the only problem being that it was too short! It felt like we had always known each other and I felt instantly comfortable. They were so beautifully hospitable and wonderfully encouraging. It was a really special time. For them, it meant heaps because they had spent the past ten years praying for Steve’s wife and then thought they’d never get to meet me–because, after all, I didn’t know them from a bar of soap and now Steve was gone. For me, it was just wonderful to meet such special people and make some new stuck-with-me friends that also happened to be special to Steve. I have to admit that part was also sad and a bit hard, though, because I could tell that (as two couples) we would have had a fantastic relationship but we never got the chance to experience it. 😦

We had so much fun with them that I cannot believe we were only there from Friday afternoon till Monday afternoon–particularly since Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning were all taken up with the conference!

So I introduce Daryl, Rocky and Bejae (it’s not the greatest picture but it was really cold and really windy)…

(Sorry, Daryl, but you know I had to do it!)
Daryl ended up with the pink cup so we played it up.
He said I should go home because I was getting too comfortable–
this was on the second night there. πŸ™‚

Rocky & Bejae (and Bejae’s friend!)–
in the car on the way to the airport Monday
(you will notice these photos are not in order!)

We also got to meet some other people that knew Steve from “Capers” (as it gets called) and Ange is a blog-stalker (uh, I mean reader!) who has e-mailed me a few times and also checks up on me via Rocky. Ange is pretty funny and we had a good Sunday afternoon hanging out with her.

We had afternoon tea at the “Magpie Cafe”
which managed to entertain us without much effort…
or maybe it was just the frame of mind we were in…

BYO? I hope you weren’t after a cup of great coffee…

…and if you were hungry,
you better have a whopping credit limit on your card!!!

Talking about Ange being funny, I should mention that Daryl, Rocky and Bejae were all a laugh-a-minute. I guess I forget that you can’t see my memories just by looking at the photos. They were really, really fun. πŸ™‚

Well, I had hoped to finish this series tonight but this post is really long and it’s starting to get late (considering I’m at a friend’s, hacking into her internet!) so I guess I’ll have to revisit this section again…


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  1. Robyn
    Nov 27, 2008 @ 13:12:00

    Isn’t it great when you just “click” with people?!


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