Answers To Questions 2 (Updated)

I missed a few of the questions from last time so here are the answers. The first one doesn’t really deserve an answer but since she was my bridesmaid…

Hannah said: The chicken or the egg Kristy?

Well, Han, don’t you read your Bible? πŸ™‚ According to the Creation account, it seems obvious to me that the chicken came first!

Lynn said: How about favorite book of the Bible – before Steve’s death and now after. I guess I’m thinking is there a book that gives you more comfort than others.

I don’t remember if I had a favourite book of the Bible “before” anymore or, if I did, what it was. However, I’d go with Job for “after”…apart from the fact that it’s the only book of the Bible I’ve read in the last nine months (I just finished it while I was away and have read a little of Psalms but not getting near as much from it so far)…purely for the reasons/verses that I’ve blogged previously. Job makes my issues look quite acceptable. πŸ™‚

Robyn said: Ok, here’s one, were you homeschooled? Or am I mixing you up with another blogger?

Yep, homeschooled and proud of it. lol I started off school life for two years in a public school, then did two years in a Christian school, then homeschooled through graduation. I’m not a “homeschooling is the only way” type of person but I am very pro-homeschooling.

Pete said: What do you think of the issue regarding Ricky Ponting’s over rates? Also, how come there are no cricket review books on this site? Surely Steve Waugh’s β€˜out of my comfort zone’ would make it on here.

On a serious note – do you see yourself carving a life in the South East? Will we have you for sometime?

Very funny, Gilligan! It was worth a topic of conversation with your wife, anyway. Um, I think absolutely nothing of the issue regarding RP’s over rates–what’s the issue? πŸ˜€ Who’s Ricky Ponting?? Ok, I’m just kidding on that last one…he’s Australia’s richest banker, right? πŸ˜‰ Hmmm, no cricket book reviews here? Well, might have something to do with m total lack of interest in reading on the topic! As for Steve Waugh‘s book, if you buy me a copy, I’ll review it on here for you–it would save me buying my brother a birthday present next year!

As for the serious side of things, yes, I’m trying to carve out a life for myself in the South-East. I’d like to stay. It’s really hard work but I’m trying. It’s certainly not the easy route. So more’s the pity for you, but you will have me for sometime “if the Lord will” (see the book of James; his point has already been proven this year). I have been trying to recruit others, too, but so far I’ve not been successful… 😦


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  1. JSG
    Dec 30, 2008 @ 16:55:00

    hey, I like the Q&A session.. i’ll have to script one up for you.. might have to get that blog up and running sometime 2..after seeing all the fame and personal popularity it has obviously brought you with awards and the like ;P


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