Review: The Bridesmaid by Beverly Lewis


**With apologies for the late posting! We have so much happening in our lives at the moment requiring a lot of mental energy that my brain feels fried. I actually organised a dinner the other night for a weekend that I won’t even be around!! I didn’t even realise until hours after I sent out the final confirmation e-mail… :-/**

My thoughts:

Actually, these are my sister’s thoughts as she read the book for me. 🙂 “This is a good read, showing that God has a plan for each of our lives, even when we can’t see the direction the path is headed…and ultimately we must place our trust in Him. It’s also a story of forgiveness, and moving on.” To read this book around her crazy life of 6 kids, she must really love me–and to finish it, she must have really loved the book, lol! Beverly Lewis always seems to provide a good read and I requested this book purely because her name was on the cover. I will look forward to reading it myself when I get it back. 🙂


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