I have re-opened the archives on my blog–as you may know if you got 600-odd posts show up in your feeder recently (something I didn’t know would happen!). Everything for as long as I’ve been blogging should again be accessible to my readers. I am going to try to start blogging again a little bit. I still have to be careful what I write and I’m not sure how that will work but we will see…


Book Reviews Coming

I’m now going to be blogging both updates (when I’m back onto that) and book reviews from the one blog…this one! Starting today, all my book reviews will be here. I have come up with a new post design for reviews that won’t take up too much space–that’s for those of you that aren’t really interested in reading! All the links will be there in the post, though, for those who want to find out more about the book or the author or read the first chapter, etc. If you click on the picture of the book cover, it will take you straight to the Amazon page for that book as well.

Happy reading! 🙂

I’ll Be Back

For personal reasons, I have needed to make my posts private for now but a helpful blogging friend has showed me how to do this without password-protecting my entire blog. Yay and thanks to Gretchen! 🙂 This will only be temporary and I hope to resume blogging again soon.

Just to put the minds at ease of those who have been concerned for me, I am fine. We are doing well. 🙂


It's been ages since I've really blogged. I've missed it. I never really intended to take a break but there's been lots happening.

  • I spent the six weeks with my sister. 
  • A friend flew back with me to spend a couple of weeks here. 
  • One of my younger brothers left for a (supposed to be) permanent move to Brazil so I stayed up with my family to see him off. 
  • I got back to my very empty pantry after two months away with four days to get organised for hosting my entire Aussie-based family for Christmas!!! I don't advise that, by the way. :P 
  • I played tour guide for our American friend. 
  • I played catch-up at work.
  • I went camping with my family for a week after Christmas (and actually liked it!).

Now I'm home. 🙂 I'm going to try to get back into the swing of blogging and hopefully get a bit more of a rhythm going again!

Deafening Silence

I know that's what's going on around here!! Sorry! I'm still trying to resolve my computer issues and have extremely limited internet access at the moment. Hopefully, that will be solved soon and I'll be back…

Me & My Blog

My blog might start looking a little different in content in the coming months. I'm doing some fairly focussed reading and journalling again (not that I really stopped, but I'm renewing the effort). Blogging as I journey is a good part of healing and/or learning for me.

I'm going to try to be blogging more regularly as I go. That means there's likely to be a lot more quotes from things I'm reading or studying or posts on things I'm learning. In the middle of that, I'd like to also renew what my blog used to be for (way back before this new life hit me) and that is to keep family (mainly) and friends updated on my everyday life.

So I'm really going to try and go back to blogging for me. This is merely a shift in my mind and you may not think it looks any different from your end. 🙂 Firstly, I'll be blogging for me. Secondarily, I'll be blogging for anybody who is helped. Thirdly, I'll be blogging for anybody who enjoys it. Primarily, though, it will be for me and, while I don't actually WANT to lose any readers, if you no longer get the same enjoyment from reading…there's lots of other fish in the sea so feel free to go catch some. 😉

I think the biggest benefit that I get from blogging is that it forces me to put my thoughts into words and that is a VERY profitable thing on a journey such as mine. I often compose blog posts in my head while I'm out walking or trying to nap or taking a shower. Quite a lot of these never get anywhere near my blog since a computer isn't handy and the moment passes. However, there is still a lot of benefit in my tendency to do that. It often helps me pinpoint the main point of the issue I'm contemplating.

My blogging grew out of my habit of journalling but is a little more focussed. I still journal on the side. All the "too private" stuff gets written there. The other thing that I've really grown to love about having blogged for a few years is the amount of things that are worth remembering but would otherwise have been forgotten. This is true for everything from book quotes to memories of happier days. There are a lot of things that are recorded on my blog that would have otherwise been lost in the haze. So I think I'll keep blogging…

How Cool Is This?!

These bookshelves are the coolest bookshelves I have seen in my life. I really, really want a LOT of these!!! Mind you, they are extremely expensive…but they are double-sided and would be perfect for dividing rooms and having in kids' bedrooms, etc. If they were $200, I'd buy five. 🙂

If you're a reader, go check them out. I'd guarantee that anybody as crazy over books as me won't be able to resist their pull! 🙂

(Btw, I got my computer back today after only FOUR days in the shop. I'm shocked–since it took 3 WEEKS last time–but very pleased.)

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