The Other Half Of My HOLIDAY

There, I said it: HOLIDAY. Happy, people? 🙂 It wasn’t a holiday, though…it was busy, busy, busy…but it was good, nonetheless.

So we headed down the farm on Thursday morning. We went via the coast (for something different since I always take the inland route now) and deprived ourselves of lunch for a long time just so that we could stop for it at Robe. After all, Robe is the place that “it all began”. 🙂 Speaking of Robe, if you ever get there, you must visit the bakery!! We (being me and whoever’s been to Robe with me on various visits) are racking up a few visits there and it’s g-o-o-d.

Thursday night was our only free night so we made sure to stay home and have dinner with Steve’s parents, Peter and Anita!

Friday morning, we went for a walk across the paddocks and I actually got to see water in their swamp! Last time I was down, there wasn’t a drop! It’s a really weird thing for me to see various ducks and even swans in the middle of a paddock, but it was really cool. 🙂 No, I don’t have a picture as we didn’t even think to take a camera on our little jaunt.

After lunch, we went to visit an older lady Steve knows. I hadn’t met her before as she must have been away each Sunday I’ve been to their church. She had apparently been keen to meet me and so we went. She was lovely. We had such a nice time with her and she was an inspiration of being a light in your little corner of the world.

Between that and our next social engagement (lol), we went up to Hannah’s “Hoo Hoo Lookout” (no, Han, I had not been there before) and did a bit of a walk around that area. After a quick shop stop, we headed to the home of an older couple from Steve’s house church for dinner. We had a nice evening with them and certainly were well fed. 🙂

Saturday was a full-on day. We had to be up early to get to a child protection course that was on at Steve’s church. It went from 8.45am – 4pm. Yep, that’s how you make a fun Saturday. 😛 Because Steve’s been helping with Sunday School, he was supposed to attend and I said I would go too. In the end, I sat through it all and will score a certificate as well. It was actually very interesting. Other than that, it was heavy-going, sickening and scary. I used to think that having to get police clearance and do this kind of training for church ministries was ridiculous. While it is sad that it’s necessary, hearing some of the real-life stories during this course means I had a change of opinion.

I had a break in the midst of all that bleakness and went out for lunch with Anita. I don’t think we’d been out together by ourselves before and that, although having to be short, was really nice. We had some good and interesting conversation. 🙂

After the course finished, Steve and I went back to the home of one of the ladies also doing the course. That helped pass about half of the time we had till the 30th birthday party that we stayed in town for. 🙂 We also got in another walk (so many in one visit!) although that was just around town.

One of Steve’s closest friends, Matt, had his 30th party and our entire holiday plans had revolved around being there!! If Matt even knew this blog existed, I would say: “I hope you felt special, Matt! :)” Other than the fact I was quite tired and quite ‘peopled out’, it was a nice evening. It was a sit-down dinner at the RSL. I think the highlight of the evening was a mini-movie Matt had made called “Matt’s Memoirs”. Matt and his brother, Luke, had filmed Matt recalling some of his memories all around town. It was really good and interesting. What he had to say about his wife, Sal, was really sweet and he also really honoured the Lord in it.

Sunday, the need for down-time won and we went to church with Peter and Anita. You might wonder about the connection of those two things but Steve’s church is at 9.30am and his parents’ is at 11am. 😀 Other than the fact I had previously thought that we should go to church with them sometime, the late hour was the deciding factor. 🙂 So we went there. It is very different to either of our churches but not so different from those in our past. I didn’t mind it at all. We stayed for their after-church lunch and then hit the social trail again.

Since David and Paula were too busy to see us on Saturday and we were too slack to be at an early service (it’s me; I take full responsibility!), we dropped around to catch up with them. We got to stay with them for a little while before heading around to Steve’s cousin’s (I think). Her daughter was having a birthday party to celebrate her daughter turning one. Personally, I don’t ‘get’ birthday parties for one-year-olds and Steve and his dad didn’t want to go at all but it’s all about meeting the family, you know. 🙂

Anyway, so we did the family thing before heading back home to PACK and leave for Adelaide. Because we hadn’t got organised before, we didn’t get back to Adelaide till just before 10.30pm. 😦 Not exactly the wisest thing to do when you have to go to work for a potentially-very-long day the next day but I survived.

Steve is currently away who-knows-where by himself for a few days (I think he decided on the destination when he got in the driver’s seat) having himself some “God and me” time. I told him I wasn’t going to call/message him and that I didn’t expect him to contact me…aren’t I good? 😉 Anyways, so he is back on Thursday and then we have some more stuff to attend and keep us busy. 😛

And when he is back, I can try and get some photos up on here…