O Twilight, From Whence Did Thou Come?

Twilight is such a phenomenon that I have long had my own opinion about its origins (along with Harry Potter). Just a couple of days ago, though, one of my blogging buddies shared a link to an article that contains some lengthy quotes by Stephanie Meyer…quite disturbing quotes, I might add. There was also a lot of other interesting information in the article and I think it is well worth taking the time to read. For myself, regardless of anything else, the entire concept has always sickened me because vampirism is not a myth.

I’m not really interested in getting into debates over the Twilight series–I’m just putting it out there. If you’ve read the books, the least you could do is have an open enough mind to hear both sides. If you’re not sure, it might help you decide. If you have already decided they’re not your thing, it might help clarify why. At the end of the day, it’s your decision, between you and God…but make sure you’re fully informed. 🙂


Good for a Laugh

I've been wanting to go to the movies for ages but there's been nothing on that interested me as worth watching. I got an unexpected invite to go tonight with a friend and her mum so I went. I'm really glad I did.

Charlie & Boots is a newly-released Australian movie (starring Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson [Kenny]). It's way better to watch the trailer than it is for me to describe it, so go check it out. There's plenty of other interesting information on the website too.

We laughed and I cried and I really wished I could have watched it with Steve–he would have loved it. It does a heaps better job of showcasing rural Australia and the good ol' Aussie bloke than AUSTRALIA (the movie) did. I'm quite interested to see what Americans think of this movie, given their previous fascination with people like Paul Hogan and Steve Irwin. 🙂

It was particularly interesting for us as the start of their journey is just a couple hours' drive from here. Also, a lot of the places in the early part of the trip are ones I have been with Steve and all of us had interesting 'connections' (for lack of a better word) to the company Boots works for.

Charlie & Boots was a very funny but also heart-warming movie–and now I wanna go on a road trip!!! 🙂