Wait and See

A friend told me his favourite song on a new CD was “Wait and See” by Brandon Heath. I’d never heard of it or him so I looked it up on YouTube (where else?!). I got a bit teary when I got to the section between 2:03-2:30 as that really sums up a lot for me lately. I also love the chorus of the song:

There is hope for me yet / Because God won’t forget / All the plans he’s made for me / I have to wait and see / He’s not finished with me yet

Gotta love that word “hope” that makes an appearance in there, too. 😉 Anyway, here’s the song…



Once you choose hope, anything is possible. Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.

–Author Unknown

In Honour of Valentine’s Day

Top Seven Things Women Think Are Romantic:

  • love notes
  • music mixes
  • flowers
  • surprise picnics
  • cuddling
  • dancing under the stars
  • shopping together

Top Seven Things Men Think Are Romantic:

  • seats on the 50-yard line 
  • a 1966 Mustang
  • an Xbox 360
  • power tools with a bow or ribbon
  • s*x (bow or ribbon optional)
  • baked goods
  • silence

–taken from Cupidity by Hayley & Michael DiMarco


To Smack or Not to Smack?

This article was online in one of our state's regional newspapers. I was quite shocked to read these opinions in print as it seems like the rising feeling of the day is that smacking should be outlawed. God forbid that should ever happen…I can only imagine the results…but I can see it looming in the future. I found it very refreshing to read that some common sense still exists on the streets and in ongoing studies. Personally, I think spanking is Biblical–it's there in black & white to speak for itself–though I obviously don't condone child abuse at any level!!! 

Life Where You Least Expect It

I've just started reading "Tracks of a Fellow Struggler" by John R Claypool, a book I have seen frequently quoted in many of the books I've read over the last 18 months. It's taken me quite a while to get hold of it but it is already proving worth the read.

A few days ago, I stumbled across a comment on another blog that referenced me. Essentially, the person (who doesn't know me at all) was saying that I could do with being helped by this other widow (whose life is entirely different from mine on all counts, other than the basic loss of a husband). I have to keep reminding myself that I don't know her and she doesn't know me. She is extremely unqualified to give an accurate opinion on my life and there is a lot I could say to her that would prove how ignorant she actually is about the topic. However, if I've begun learning one thing over the last 18 months, it's that I don't need (nor should I seek) everybody's approval and I am practising learning how to LIVE that and not just know it in my head…way, Way, WAY easier said than done. 😛

So in a renewed battle against negative voices, I was encouraged by the following story:

I was deeply moved this week by an observation of Dr George Buttrick''s concerning the Dead Sea in Palestine. Again and again as a sermon illustration I have heard the Dead Sea compared unfavorably with the Sea of Galilee, which is fresh and sparkling and full of fish, while the Dead Sea is salty and no fish can live in it. The usual point is that the Jordan River flows through the Sea of Galilee, but only flows into the Dead Sea because there is no outlet. Dr Buttrick concedes the truth of this point about life through giving but then goes on to identify another truth of which I had never thought. He claims the Dead Sea does have an outlet–the upward one, toward the sky. Across the centuries, as it has surrendered itself to the sun, a residue of potash has built up and remains along its shores. Potash is a different form of life than the water in which fish can live, and is a main ingredient of fertilizer. Engineers have estimated that if the potash around the Dead Sea could be mined and distributed, there would be enough to fertilize the whole surface of the earth for at least five years. The point is, life never comes to a complete dead end. When no outlet is open except surrender to the sky in helplessness, even this response is not without its positive residue, for out of it can come the miracle of new life.

Good for a Laugh

I've been wanting to go to the movies for ages but there's been nothing on that interested me as worth watching. I got an unexpected invite to go tonight with a friend and her mum so I went. I'm really glad I did.

Charlie & Boots is a newly-released Australian movie (starring Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson [Kenny]). It's way better to watch the trailer than it is for me to describe it, so go check it out. There's plenty of other interesting information on the website too.

We laughed and I cried and I really wished I could have watched it with Steve–he would have loved it. It does a heaps better job of showcasing rural Australia and the good ol' Aussie bloke than AUSTRALIA (the movie) did. I'm quite interested to see what Americans think of this movie, given their previous fascination with people like Paul Hogan and Steve Irwin. 🙂

It was particularly interesting for us as the start of their journey is just a couple hours' drive from here. Also, a lot of the places in the early part of the trip are ones I have been with Steve and all of us had interesting 'connections' (for lack of a better word) to the company Boots works for.

Charlie & Boots was a very funny but also heart-warming movie–and now I wanna go on a road trip!!! 🙂

How Cool Is This?!

These bookshelves are the coolest bookshelves I have seen in my life. I really, really want a LOT of these!!! Mind you, they are extremely expensive…but they are double-sided and would be perfect for dividing rooms and having in kids' bedrooms, etc. If they were $200, I'd buy five. 🙂

If you're a reader, go check them out. I'd guarantee that anybody as crazy over books as me won't be able to resist their pull! 🙂

(Btw, I got my computer back today after only FOUR days in the shop. I'm shocked–since it took 3 WEEKS last time–but very pleased.)

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