Seasonal Benefits

I’ve decided I’m actually somewhat grateful for the season of life I’m currently in (not equalling “grateful to be widowed”, btw)! That’s quite a lot of progress because I have struggled with a lot of guilt over the fact that I haven’t had to work a lot while other widows have/do. Recently, it occurred to me that God’s plan for everybody’s life is different and maybe He knows that I need this season as preparation for the next, whereas theirs might require something else.

That, however, isn’t what has made me grateful…my availability is. Quite some years back, in another very flexible season of life, I was able to spend a few months living with my nan after she got out of hospital. I would stay with her from Sunday night till Friday night each week while her husband had to work interstate. He was back on the weekends, so I would go home. No other family member was able to do this and I was thankful that I could. She died a couple of years ago but those months are ones that I cherish.

I have started being able to find the energy to more actively invest in other people’s daily lives. I was doing things as I could before but, of late, I’ve been able to volunteer more readily. It’s as simple as offering to take home their ironing or sitting with sleeping children while they do the school run to get older children; babysitting to facilitate a “date night” or being able to spend the day with a friend who desperately needed emotional support.

In the eyes of the world, I’m doing nothing successful but it’s so fulfilling! In at least one area, I know I’m fulfilling a need that would otherwise be unmet. I totally believe in the importance of marriage and mothers-at-home so I’m happy to be able to encourage and support that in my little corner. If I was working full-time, there is very little of what I’m doing that would still be possible–and that’s not even taking into consideration whether or not I had the emotional reserve left to do it.

This season won’t last forever, I know that. Frankly, I wouldn’t want it to! As much as I want to support other marriages, families, and stay-at-home mums, I haven’t relinquished my own dreams in those areas. But in the meantime, I might as well enjoy any benefits I find along the way…and I’m not hearing complaints from the recipients. 🙂